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BOW’s march to Sichuan: Won the pre-bid for the Meishan PPP project, Yangtze River Ecological Construction layout Blueprint

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A notice from the Sichuan Governmental Procurement Network from March 22nd, reveals that Beijing Jiuan Construction and Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Jiuan), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of BOW’s, has pre-bid and become the first candidate to be the contractor for the first phase of the PPP project for Urban and Rural Drainage, and Wastewater Treatment in Pengshan District, Meishan, Sichuan Province. This project is the first step for BOW’s water business in Sichuan.

This project contains the design, construction, operation and maintenance of 10 wastewater treatment plants and their supporting pipe networks in Pengshan District, the total bidding worth is ¥160,000,000. Currently, traditional processes are being used for municipal wastewater treatment plants in Pengshan District,these dated processes areunable to meet the needs of local political and development policies. For the first phase of  updating the drainage and wastewater treatment BOW will apply their MBR membrane method water treatment technology,  which was independently developed with proprietary intellectual property rights by BOW. The effluent created from these methods exceeds National First Class Level A Standard, and is even  up to Surface Water IV Standard.