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Chengmai Works with BOW, the Water Business Tycoon, in order to Create Green GDP using PPP Classical Paragon

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On March 21st, Chengmai People’s Government of Hainan Province signed the Strategic Collaboration Framework Agreement with BOW and Hainan Yingtao Water Affairs Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Yingtao), meanwhile BOW established Hainan Bishui Ruijin Environmental Investment Shareholding Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Bishui Ruijin), a joint venture, with Hainan Ruijin Investment Shareholding Co., Ltd. Bishui Ruijin will make a huge investment to thewater supply, wastewater treatment and reclaimed water treatment projects. This investment will improve the scale and level of the Ecological environment protection infrastructure and help control pollution. It will also help with creating new recycling technology.

As per  the agreement, during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, BOW will invest 5 to 8 billion RMB (1 to 2 billion in 2016) for the construction of facilitiesand the upgrade ofwater supply, wastewater treatment, black odor water treatment, rural environmental conservation, riverside management and solid waste treatment. This investment will also be used to enhance the infrastructure and integration of water relevant businesses, and turn the joint venture into a public company in three to five years. The company is determined to invest and finance the water ecological protection area in order to create green GDP growth.

Sitao Yang, the secretary of Chengmai County; Zhongmin Mo, the vice secretary of the county; Fangping Zheng, routine deputy county chief; Jianping Wen, the chairman of BOW; Fabin Cheng, the executive officer of BOW; and Xiaoping Pan, the executive officer of Ruijin Shareholding attended the signing ceremony.