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A letter of condolence from Jianping Wen to the colleagues who have been working in the recent extremely cold weather

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To the colleagues who have been sticking to their posts on the front line: 

Recently there has been an outbreak of extremely cold temperatures which haven’t been seen in decades.The temperature in many places has fallen below the extremum, it is below -30℃ in the north and -10℃ in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River. People even started posting cold status on WeChat.

I can’t help thinking of our projects all over the country, I wonder how many of them are right in the middle of these temperature warning areas, and how many of our loyal employees are at this moment remaining vigilant at their positions by their steel-willed determination!

Looking over our ongoing projects, we see that they are everywhere in thenorthwest, and the freezing cold northeast of China where the temperature is below the extremum  Shanxi Jinyang Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest scale, completely underground wastewater treatment plant in Asia, Jilin Wastewater Treatment Plant, a demonstration project, Xinxinban Project of Inner Mongolia and many other upgrade projects, several wastewater treatment plants in Ganquanbao and Tacheng Region in Xinjiang, Shanxi Xi’an Jingkai Caotan Wastewater Plant, Guizhou Xingyi Wastewater Treatment Plant, and those  in Beijing Gaobeidian, Xiaohongmen, Mentougou and Miyun Regions, upgrading and rebuilding of the wastewater treatment station in north Haidian, some other wastewater treatment plants in Baodi of Tianjin, Zhengding of Heibei, and Qinhuangdao Trash Penetrating Fluid Processing Project and so on.

There is no way that I can list every project that is located in these extreme temperatures. However, the firm-minded People of BOWare taking every action to show everybody BOW’s commitment to our responsibilities, spirit and mission.

Beyond all doubt, 2015 has been a splendid year for BOW, however we should not be satisfied by only our past achievements, because working for BOW means working for the welfare of future generations! 

Traversing animpregnable pass is as hard as steel, but we will conquer it today! Let us march to the next victory despite the many difficulties! Let us accomplish BOW’s continuing  journey ! We will not rest until all the water in china becomes crystal clear! 

This is anend of the year salute to all our colleagues who are now working at the frontline in the extremely cold weather, greetings to their families who are always supporting them ! Meanwhile, all the people in charge of these subsidiaries please keep the staff warm and safe.