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Originwater plans to move into Australian Torch Innovation Park and build the world-class water field research center

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On May 27, Brian Boyle, who is vice president of University of New South Wales, Australia, David Waite, who is assistant dean of Engineering Academy, met with Wen Jianping, board chairman of Originwater, in Beijing, tried to invite Originwater to join Sino-Australia Torch Park plan, set up world high-level water field research center. Wen Jianping expressed that would give full support to the torch park plan, deepen the cooperation with University of New South Wales, jointly develop the most competitive water field advanced technology. 

In the meeting, David Waite has introduced in detail the development planning of Torch Innovation Park to Wen Jianping, and has put forward the cooperation conception. It is reported that Torch Innovation Park is brand new platform of Sino-Australia science and technology industry cooperation; on April 14 this year, under the witness of prime ministers of two countries, Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science & Technology have signed “Memorandum of Understanding on Co-construction of Torch Innovation Park in Australia” with University of New South Wales, Australia, have launched the project construction work together around energy and environment, advanced materials and biotechnology and other fields.