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Chairman:Wen jianping

China is currently in a state of rapid national rejuvenation and development. Since its founding, BOW has put a great amount of effort into helping China realize its dreams and goals by strengthening the national environmental industry and benefiting society. BOW adheres to the company tenet of bearing social responsibility and building an ecological civilization. BOW also aims to become a strong global power in solving the major issues involved in the sustainable development of water resource scarcity.

“Faith as foundation, innovation as power. Pursue perfection, achieve excellence.” BOW stands at the height of global industrial leadership by using its self-developed membrane technology and equipment as its core competency, which greatly improve upon existing treatment technologies in China. Therefore, Bow has become the backbone of China’s efforts to improve wastewater treatment and the utilization of China’s sensitive water basins, and has also been providing technological and economical backup for China’s environmental protection industry’s supply-side updates.  These contributions help promote effective ecologic civilization construction.

“Ask me why it is so clean and clear?  From its source comes an endless flow of water.” 

– Zhu Xi (Song Dynasty)

BOW is dedicated to solving the three major water challenges in China: water pollution, water scarcity and drinking water insecurity. Surpassing all expectations, BOW will persevere in becoming a dominant force in protecting the global water environment, while developing new water resources and maintaining drinking water security.