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Revolutionary hybrid system push: BOW target-issued ¥6,200,000,000.00, National Development Bank invested a huge amount of stock and became one of the major shareholders;
BOW’s Cloud Water Plan hashit a homerun: Yunnan Water, who is a PPP mode joint venture, has been listed in Hong Kong Exchange.
Developed new water resources: successfully built and opened new water plant in Beijing’s Cuihu , with the implementation of this plant the ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration (DF) membrane, BOW’s independent proprietary intellectual property rights, has been applied in China for the first time. Fund raised by China Development Bank: BOW and National Development Bank signed a ¥20,000,000,000 Development Financial Cooperation Agreement
Seven members of the Standing Committee reviewed BOW’s technology: Jinping Xi, the general secretary, along with other leaders of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CPC paid a visit to the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Centre of Z-Park. BOW held brand new exhibits and presentation models which showcased BOW’s membrane method wastewater treatment technology
BOW stepped into the household water purification market: launched serial household water purification products
Beijing OriginWater Technology Co., Ltd. has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the code of 300070, BOW for short
BOW has won the second prize of the State Technological Invention Award for innovating low energy consumption membrane bioreactor wastewater recycling technology
BOW successfully restructured its stockholding system: registered capital is ¥ 110,000,000
Asia’s Largest Membrane base: made investment to establish “OriginWater Membrane Technology Innovative Industrial Park.” BOW cut the ribbon and launched China’s First 10,000 ton MBR project: Miyun Reclaimed Water plant
Technical standard: BOW completed the first membrane bioreactor technology standard in China and implemented it.
BOW established