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To tackle the dirty water problem in China, BOW has independentlydeveloped its own membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology.The microfiltration process uses a supporting structure which gives it a permanenthydrophilicity, high mechanical strength, long life-span and a great deal of  flux. The effluent meets Surface  Water Standard IV qualifications. The technology saves 50% more of the land compared with conventional methods, and it has been one of the main technologies helping to  resolve the dirty water problem in China.

BOW microfiltration (MF) membrane products contain microscopic pores about 0.1-0.3μm in size on the surface of the membrane which cannot be seen by naked eye. There are nearly5 billion pores, each with an individual size of about 1/500 of a human hair, evenly distributed in an area of 1 cm2. Those tiny  pores separate the suspended solids in water. 

The technical index of RF (reinforced with support layer) hollow fiber microfiltration membrane:

♦ Design of membrane flux: 25L/m2·h;

♦ Membrane lifetime≥ 5年;

♦ Mechanical strength>200N/ membrane yarn


Product features

Stable, high quality effluent: above the National Discharge Grade A of Level I; turbidity isalmost non-existent;

High mechanical strength: special technique and material ensures high tensile strength (≥200N);

Extended lifetime: about 8 years thanks to chemical stability;

Low energy consumption: advanced aeration design to prevent membrane fouling and allow low power consumption;

Optimized integrated units: small foot print


Municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater reclamation, pre-treatment for RO process.