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ICSD-S (Shipborne Intelligent Compact Seawater Desalination System)

The ICSD-S (Shipborne Intelligent Compact Seawater Desalination System), a small mobile integrated equipment purifying seawater as fresh water, can meet the requirements for seawater desalination for warships, ocean-going ships, yachts, islands and so on. The system is mainly composed of RO-DF double-membrane core purifying system, power system, water storage system and power system, etc. The effluent can be directly used as the drinking water and emergency makeup water. It has been listed in Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Equipment Encouraged by the State.





High effluent quality: Meeting the Standards for Drinking Water Quality (GB5749-2006) and tasting better;

Convenient and rapid: Integrated modular design, quick to be assembled, convenient to be transported and operated;

Stable and reliable: Meeting the classification society CSS standard, stable performance;

Convenient operation: Getting and using at the same time, easy to operate, low maintenance ratio, long service life;

High level of automation: Automatic operation and manual operation, remotely APP monitor, unattended, safe and reliable.



(1) The influent temperature of the system is 3~40℃ , the working voltage is 380V, and the operating pressure is 4~6.5MPa;

(2) The desalinization rate of the system is 98.5%, and the recovery rate is 12%~25%;

(3) The equipment is produced in strict accordance with CBT3751-1995 Standard of Ship Industry;

(4) The dimensions are free from water tank and other auxiliary equipment;

(5) The above data need to be adjusted appropriately based on the raw water quality, influent temperature and process parameter. Water supply for warships, fishing boats and yachts