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People-Benefit Water-Supply Station

OriginWater People-Benefit Healthy Water-Supply Station is developed for self-service drinking water in villages and communities by OriginWater. OriginWater People-Benefit national chain healthy water-supply station, with the theme of “Conscience project, benefiting the people with science and technology” and with lowpressure selective nanofiltration (DF) membrane technology adopted, can efficiently remove the harmful substances and remain beneficial minerals and microelements in water. As a result, water quality becomes safer and healthier. The product can be used for purifying special water in the rural area, such as well water, spring water and similar water. With the unique personalized design, the product is equipped with the automatic design system to automatically monitor the working conditions, control the light and conduct heat insulation. Thus, the operator or user can get the simplest, time and labor-saving and convenient service. OriginWater People-Benefit Healthy Water- Supply Station is identified as the Demonstration and Promotion Project of Rural Drinking Water Safety Conference of the Ministry of Water Resources by the Rural Drinking Water Safety Center, Ministry of Water Resources.


High-quality effluent: With low-pressure nanofiltration technology developed by OriginWater, the effluent quality conforms to Water Quality Standards for Fine Drinking Water (CJ94-2005);

Double safeguard of Sterilization : Combined with ozone and UV sterilizer, the effluent quality is guaranteed to be safe;

Intelligent cloud management: System management, such as remotely controlling equipment operation with mobile phone and PC, monitoring water quality, customer management process control, card vending and recharging, partner sharing profits;

Low operation cost: Low working pressure and energy saving;

Equipment integration: Small footprint, easy to be transported and installed;

Automatic operation: Automatically operating, outflowing, on-off washing;

Water supply guaranteed: Set up time controller to avoid unsustainable water supply caused by timesharing water supply in the rural area.