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Emergency Water Purifying Vehicle

The Emergency Water Purifying Vehicle is a mobile mergency water purifying equipment in case of typhoon, earthquake, flood, debris flow, other natural disasters and sudden water pollution accidents. It is an organic combination device of drinking water preparation technology and vehicle based on UFDF/RO double membrane and is developed by OriginWater. The vehicle, featured with strong applicability of raw water, quick response, reliable performance and supplying water relying on the motivation and so on, meets all kinds of the emergency water supply needs. The National Capacity for Emergency Rescue for Water Supply project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development passes the acceptance inspection.



Perfectly combining water treatment facilities and vehicles and working flexibly;

High level of automation, automatic operation of water treatment facilities and rapid response;

The quick connection for firefighting is adopted as the external pipe connection, which is convenient and rapid;

Product water includes ultrafiltration water produced, DF/RO water produced and DF/RO concentrated water. The packing machine can be adopted for soft bag packaging to meet different needs;

The production, storage and packaging materials meet the requirements for drinking water.