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ICSD (Intelligent Compact Seawater Desalination System)

The ICSD (Intelligent Compact Seawater Desalination System), adopting seawater desalination products with UF-RO membrane combination developed by OriginWater, is equipped with the excellent auxiliary equipment. Thus, it is applicable to seawater and high-concentration brackish water desalination under different environmental conditions and in different regions. In addition, it can meet seawater desalination needs in multiple application fields, such as reef seawater or brackish water in the island areas.



High effluent quality: produced by double membrane method, high effluent quality and stable water amount;

Low energy consumption: High-pressure pump frequency control, concentrated water energy recovery technology;

Small footprint: Container design, high integration, elegant and beautiful, less land occupation, easy to be moved;

Easy operation: Getting and using at the same time, easy to operate, low maintenance ratio, long service life;

High level of automation: Automatic operation and manual operation, remotely APP monitor (optional), unattended, safe and reliable.



(1) The influent temperature of the system is 3~40℃ , the working voltage is 380V, and the operating pressure is 4~6.5MPa;           

(2) The desalinization rate of the system is 98.5%, and the recovery rate is 30%~40%;

(3) The above data need to be adjusted appropriately based on the raw water quality, influent temperature and process parameter.