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IHWT (Intelligent Household Wastewater Treatment Tank)

The IHWT (Intelligent Household Wastewater Treatment Tank), as new efficient and dispersed wastewater treatment equipment developed by OriginWater, is mainly used for wastewater treatment in single-family and multi-family houses in some villages and towns. With IFFAS process adopted, the product can make the growth and reproduction of microorganisms are not influenced by hydraulic retention time. As a result, the biodiversity and biomass can be effectively improved. Due to the advantages of activated sludge process and bio-membrane technology, the effluent quality is better than Leve 3 of Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002).



Integration: Highly integrated equipment, small footprint, easy to be transported;

Low cost: Low investment cost, low energy consumption;

Maintenance-free: Less power equipment, and easy to be controlled;

Impact resistance: Diversified sludge population, strong impact resistance to water quantity and quality.


Notes: (1) The product power and footprint refer to the IHWT system only;
            (2) The voltage is 220V and the noise is lower than 50dB;
            (3) * represents this model consists of two same boxes.