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BW (Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element)

There are two kinds of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element , including low-pressure membrane and ultra-low-pressure membrane. The low-pressure membrane is mainly used for treatment of high concentration brackish water with TDS lower than 10000mg/L. The ultra-low-pressure membrane is mainly used for treatment of the influent water with TDS lower than 2000mg/L. The product is featured with low operating pressure, high water production and excellent desalination performance. It has been awarded with the Major Environmental Protection Equipment Encouraged by the State and the China Patent Award.


High rejection rate: Due to new coating technology and automatic membrane element prodution technique, the standard desalination rate of the membrane element reaches at least 99.5%;

High water production: Due to accurate interfacial chemical reaction control and subsequent crosslinking modification technology, both the desalination rate and water production reach the national leading level;

Strong fouling resistance: Conduct physicochemical modification on the membrane surface with the patented coating technology; due to the design of “short membrane envelopes, multiple spacers”, reduce the membrane fouling and improve the anti-fouling performance;

Long life span: Due to unique element structure, post-treatment process as well as 34mil feed spacer, the element can be effectively cleaned within a wide range of pH (1~13) and the element becomes more durable;

Low energy consumption: Improve and optimize the aromatic polyamide desalting layer and develop larger specific surface area to reduce the operation pressure and to save the energy with the same water production.


Notes: (1) The permeated flow has ±15% fluctuations according to the actual condition;
           (2) Test conditions: *2,000 ppm NaCl, 225psi (1.55MPa), 25℃ , pH=7.5~8.0, recovery rate of 15%;**1,500ppmNaCl, 150psi (1.03MPa), 25℃ , pH=7.5~8.0, recovery rate of 15%.