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H-MBRU (High Efficiency Membrane Bioreactor Unit)

The MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) technology is one of the main technologies for implementing the national strategies of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Wastewater Reclamation in China. The new corrugated membrane, as the core of high efficiency membrane bioreactor unit (H-MBRU), integrating the advantages of the hollow fiber membrane and flat-plate membrane and prepared with the advanced microwave molding and homogeneous compound process, is featured with small footprint, low operation energy consumption, high flux during influent peak and easy to handle and maintain and etc. The product has been awarded with 4 invention patents and multiple awards,such as the Beijing New Technology and New Product, China Star Award and Product Star in Water Industry, the Gold Medal for Outstanding Contribution of North American Membrane Society, the Membrane Science and Technology Achievement Certification of Beijing Membrane Society and etc.


High effluent quality: Uniform membrane pore size distribution, high filtration precision, effluent turbidity lower than 1NTU;

Low operation energy consumption: Adopting the design of uniform and independent channels and lateral collecting technique, the energy consumption by air-sweeping is 0.08-0.12kW·h/m³ based on product water;

Strong fouling resistance: Unique corrugated structure, turbulence scouring, strong shear force, no hair accumulation;

Small footprint: Multi-layer structure, membrane packing density reaches 400㎡/㎡ and the hydraulic retention time is less than 1h;

Long service life: Insert of supportive structure, the tensile strength of the membrane is more than 1000N and the life is more than 5 years;

Easier maintenance: The membrane vibrates in high frequency and automatically removes the concentrated sludge. The membrane can be recovered in situ cleaning.


Note: *Design flux is determined by the water temperature and water quality conditions.

Notes: (1) *Treatment capacity with water temperature of 20℃ and sludge concentration of 8~12g/L;
           (2) The unit body material is SUS304;
           (3) Special specification and material can be customized.