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ICST (Intelligent Compact Sludge Treatment Equipment)

The ISCT (Intelligent Compact Sludge Treatment Equipment), is developed to reduce the excess sludge in the decentralized sewage treatment plant. It is mainly composed of the screw dehydrator, brewing machine, electric control system and generator. Combining the advanced technologies at home and abroad and perfectly integrating the sludge pretreatment system, sludge dewatering facility and control system, the product can become the mobile sludge dewatering equipment, which greatly reduces the sludge treatment cost of decentralized sewage treatment plant.


High efficiency: Small footprint and high treatment efficiency;

Integration: Highly integrating sludge treatment, concentration and dehydration, and convenient to be transported;

Intelligent: One-click starting, simple operation, controlled by PLC. In case of a failure, it will automatically stop and alarm, which is easy to repair;

Stabilization: It is made of SUS304 and resistant to corrosion. It has a long service life.