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OriginWater Sets up Xiongan Subsidiary to Fully Serve National Strategy of New Area Construction

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On Jan.22, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the Notice on Approved Company Names, which shows that OriginWater’s joint-venture subsidiary “Xiongan OriginWater Shunze Technology Co., Ltd.” has been approved. This means that, after signing a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xiongan New Area and taking the lead in entering Xiongan Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Base, OriginWater now officially announces its formal opening in Xiongan New Area. Wen Jianping, President of OriginWater has expressed that OriginWater has been seizing every minute to apply its independently developed membrane bioreactor (MBR), double-membrane new water technology, and other world-class advanced core water treatment technologies, as well as providing technical support for Xiongan’ water environment construction and water resource guarantee.    

According to the Party Central Committee’s deployment, the planning of Xiongan New Area needs to highlight seven key tasks, one of which is to create a beautiful ecological environment and build a clear and bright ecocity with blue sky, green trees and clean waters. Xiongan New Area boasts the largest lake in the North China Plains - Baiyang Lake, but it is not rich in water resources. Under the guidance of the ideas of “world vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics and high positioning”, finding out how to solve the pollution of water environment and scarcity of water resources related to the development of the new area has become the focus of attention. 

In order to solve the water resources and water ecology problems in the construction of Xiongan New Area, which will be a project of lasting importance, OriginWater possesses unique and irreplaceable technologies. Since its founding, OriginWater has been using membrane technology to solve three difficult problems for our country: “dirty water, water scarcity, and drinking water safety”, and providing comprehensive solutions for urban ecological environment construction; it is a leader in membrane R&D, manufacturing and application in China and even the world, and it represents the highest level of technological development in the world’s water treatment industry. Its core technologies include MBR and double-membrane new water technology, and it has twice won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Known as the “national team” in the field of water treatment, OriginWater has been utilizing its technology and experience to play an irreplaceable role in realizing the construction of Xiongan New Area as a “project of lasting importance”. 

It has been determined that to solve the water ecological environment pollution, we need to collect all the wastewater generated and then process it into reclaimed water that is superior to environmental water, then enter it back into water bodies’. OriginWater’s self-developed MBR technology can process the wastewater directly into reclaimed water, whose effluent water quality is better than level-IV surface water, and has been widely promoted and used in various provinces and cities in China; with a total scale of over 20,000,000 tons/day, the MBR technology is mature, operationally stable, and economically feasible. OriginWater is the leader of the large-scale engineering application of MBR technology in China, and has rich experience in engineering practice. 

The combined technology system of MBR technology and ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane technology is called “double-membrane new water technology”, which can steadily raise municipal wastewater to class II-III surface water and can be used as an important supplement to sources of drinking water. OriginWater is the only environmental protection enterprise in China that can treat 10,000 tons of wastewater at a time to class II-III surface water at a low cost. At present, this technology has been successfully demonstrated in Beijing Cuihu New Water Plant and Yunnan Luolong River Sewage Treatment Plant; as a top class world technology, it is the major choice for solving China’s water pollution and water resources shortage, and is a highly-feasible solution to the water problem in Xiongan New Area. 

According to reports OriginWater is now, according to Xiongan New Area’s construction demand, accelerating the implementation of the demonstration project of advanced wastewater treatment and utilization as a resource, and actively conducting the construction of Xiongan New Area. Apart from fully participating in Xiongan New Area’s water ecological environment management, OriginWater will also provide comprehensive urban ecological environment construction services, such as landscape lighting & improvement, and characteristic high-tech town’s ecological environmental management and operation. 

The industry predicts that, thanks to Xiongan New Area’s construction, the whole of Northern China will further strengthen its efforts in water ecological environment treatment, and OriginWater’s deployment in Xiongan New Area will exert a great demonstration effect for relevant businesses in Northern China, ensuring the long-term growth of corporate performance in the region.