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OriginWater Selected into “Made in China 2025” Screen Manufacturing System Integration Project

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A few days ago, headed by Beijing OriginWater in cooperation of Tsinghua University, the “New-type Membrane Water Treatment Environmental Protection Equipment Green, Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Platform Construction Project” has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Finance as a 2017 green manufacturing system integration project. The project is one of only four selected projects in Beijing, and the only environmental protection equipment project. With the implementation of this project, Beijing OriginWater will set about building a green product life-cycle management design platform, bringing about the stimulation of green product design upgrade to integrated improvement of green R&D and green manufacturing, and leading the rapid, green development of the whole membrane equipment environmental protection manufacturing industry. 

In order to speed up the implementation of Made in China 2025, promote green transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and foster new competitive advantages of the manufacturing industry, MIIT and the Ministry of Finance have decided to jointly carry out green system integration work in 2016-2018. During this period, the “Made in China 2025” strategic deployment will focus on the mechanical, electronic, chemical, food, textile, home appliances and other industries. It is also centered on solving such problems as low green coverage of technological process and inadequate upstream & downstream collaboration, support enterprises to implement system integration transformation that covers the whole technological process and the supply-demand link. The priority task is to promote green manufacturing system integration from three directions: construction of green platform, breakthrough in key green technology, and establishment of green supply chain. 

As a “bellwether” of the membrane equipment manufacturing industry and membrane water treatment industry, Beijing OriginWater’s approved “New-type Membrane Water Treatment Environmental Protection Equipment Green, Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Platform Construction Project” is targeted at building a green and intelligent design platform for membrane water treatment with environmental protection equipment and will, through practice in multiple links, such as product design and development, selection of raw materials, manufacturing process construction and verification, and resource reclamation, formulate green design and key green technology standards, construct a green design and evaluation database, build a membrane module product green production system, set up a product life cycle green design and manufacturing integrated management platform, and build a green manufacturing factory in Baodi, Tianjin, forming a typical model of green manufacturing, and realizing the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.