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MBR Global Scale to Reach 8.27 Billion Dollars by 2025, OriginWater’s growth continues to soar

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According to the latest report by American Grand View Research, Inc., by 2025, the global market size of membrane bioreactor (MBR) is expected to reach 8.27 billion dollars. The report indicates that, for a long time, the total quantity of MBR equipment on the market has been continuously increasing, and the suppliers are mainly OriginWater and GE, which are both core enterprises in this field. In the years to come, the market demand for MBR will continue to maintain strong growth momentum, giving a significant boost to the performance of leading enterprises such as OriginWater. 

Looking at MBR’s advantages and market demand, the report analyzes the reasons why this industry will continue to expand during the forecast period. The report argues that MBR has a good solid-liquid separation performance and is low-carbon and environmentally-friendly, which are its unique and absolute advantages over other water treatment technologies. Also, with growing concerns about toxic wastewater discharged into the environment, it is expected that in the industrial and manufacturing industry installations of MBR will increase. Furthermore, strict environmental protection laws and regulations on sludge treatment will also stimulate the demand for efficient MBR systems. 

According to statistics, in 2016, MBR was mainly used in municipal areas, and municipal service accounted for 68.7% of the overall market share. The Asian-Pacific region occupied the dominant position in global MBR market, accounting for 50.4% in 2016. 

The report predicts that countries like China and India have considerable MBR market potential. In these two countries, the continuous growth of urban population, the governments’ strong support for infrastructure construction, and the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, such as food, pharmacy and paper-making, will all spur the growth in demand for MBR in the industrial wastewater field. In addition, both China and India are plagued by aggravating water environment pollution and shortage of water resources, which provides broad market prospects for the water treatment industry. 

The report also points out that the leading MBR enterprises like OriginWater have been actively promoting technological upgrading and cost reduction, which will further boost the market demand for MBR products during the forecast period. 

As China’s only high-tech environmental protection enterprise that specializes in membrane material R&D, membrane equipment manufacturing and membrane process application, OriginWater in recent years has made a positive contribution to promoting the application and development of MBR in China. OriginWater has mastered the most advanced MBR membrane material preparation method, and built the world’s largest-scale membrane production line. In addition to these achievements, in 2005, it undertook the design and construction of China’s first large MBR project — Miyun Water Reclamation Plant, which marks the beginning of China’s large-scale application of MBR projects. 

So far, the accumulative performance scale of OriginWater’s membrane projects has accounted for 80% of the domestic market share, and a number of its large MBR projects rank first in the international market. With the continuous growth of China’s demand for MBR applications, OriginWater is ushering in more and more development opportunities for the nation. At the same time, by gradually seeking more and more international sewage treatment projects, OriginWater’s global competitiveness in the field of MBR is increasingly prominent.